“C# is about computer software productivity. Powershell is about people productivity”

-Jeffrey Snover, Principal Engineer & Powershell Chief Architect

Many developers miss out on the advantages of Powershell as a full-blown “.net command line”, and a highly-productive & integrated environment for day to day routines.

This seminar gives an in-depth overview of Powershell for developers, to help .NET QA/Programmers/DevOps etc understand how Windows PowerShell can be benficial for you as a developer.

  • Architecture & Considerations
  • from CMD to WMI / COM / .NET / Native API and more
  • Running Powershell code from VS, and C# code from Powershell
  • Getting productive as a developer with Powershell
  • Open Source Powershell – Linux integration etc
  • Troubleshooting & Performance considerations
  • Quick building of GUI utilities & tools with Powershell


  • Seminar ID: 44022
  • Location: JBT ECO-Tower
  • Date: Monday 26th of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href='http://devgeekweek.jbh.co.il/speaker/yossi-sassi/'>Yossi Sassi</a>

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