JavaScript has become essential for all developers wishing to deliver a rich user experience. As the power of consumer hardware advances, limitations are disappearing, enabling your sites to perform tasks efficiently. Nevertheless, optimizing code is still vital for a seamless user experience and can dramatically decrease the time it takes to execute your JavaScript code. Building reusable, scalable and performance oriented JavaScript code requires a deep understanding of the language.

In this seminar we will present the tools and patterns to build scalable JavaScript web sites that will serve visitors from many platforms. Participants should be in OOP with working knowledge of JavaScript.


  • Experienced Jscript developers


  • Object Oriented JavaScript – Brief Overview
  • JavaScript Design Patterns:
    • Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Strategy, Proxy, Observer
  • Profiling JavaScript performance
  • JavaScript Techniques, Practices and Performance Tips
    • Identifying Potential Bottlenecks in Performance
    • Caching your objects
    • Closures performance drawbacks
    • Avoid using global variables
    • Store local references to out-of-scope variables
    • Minimize DOM access
    • Minimize the number of reflows and repaints
    • Change CSS classes, not styles
    • Divide Long-Running Scripts into Chunks
  • Angular and Flux: Improving code structure and performance with a client-side framework* Hello Angular* Components based architecture* How Angular improves site performance* Server side rendering* Using flux to write full client side applications


  • Seminar ID: 44046
  • Location: Daniel Hotel
  • Date: Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href='http://devgeekweek.jbh.co.il/speaker/yossi-oknin/'>Yossi Oknin</a>

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