REST become the ultimate solution for text-based-integration over HTTP. This seminar details Java standard API for dealing with REST and create unit tests for Web-Services. Since Java Developers should also become full-stack developers and provide end-to-end solutions for web-clients, mobiles and IoT – the need in understanding client MVC framework and the Single-Page-Application way is very important. This seminar explores full-stack development by integrating Angular.js WITH Java services.

As system become more ‘Service Oriented’, in order to meet the growing dynamic market demands, the need in configuring & maintaining services becomes more vital. Microservices allows to architecturally isolate each service and by that create an integrated applications in which pieces of code can be separately administrated, tested and enhanced. This seminar details how to use JAX-RS for implementing microservices.

  • Introduction to Web-Service
    • Architecture
    • Why REST? Relevance for Big-Data
    • HTTP for RPC
  • JAX-RS
    • Introduction
    • Basic annotations
    • Dependency injections
    • Marshalling & unmarshalling with JAXB
    • Client API & unit testing
  • Microservices
    • Introduction
    • Design principles
    • Creating microservices with JAX-RS
  • Full stack Dev with Angular.JS
    • Introduction to Client MVC and SPA
    • Introduction to Angular
    • Example – integrating with JAX-RS


  • Seminar ID: 44048
  • Location: Daniel Hotel
  • Date: Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href=''>Rony Keren</a>

Java Professional Leader at JBT. JEE & Java Expert, Java SUN certified architect. Rich experience in Java and JEE development and …