Java 8 provides many new and exciting features like LAMBDA expression and functional programming capabilities, default & static interface methods, method references, Stream API along with Fork-Join built in support and more. The JDK8 release is enriched with new exciting tools for on-flight recording and dependency checks. Java 8 memory model has been enhanced as well to take advantage of native memory for faster execution and smaller footprint. All these and more, with the ability to get your hands on the coolest APIs in this workshop!

  • Java language
    • Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
    • Functional programming with the new Functional Interfaces
    • Method References
    • Interface Default and Static Methods
    • Repeating annotations
    • Extended Annotations Support
    • Reflection Parameter names
  •  Java APIs
    • Optional
    • Optimistic Reading – Lock API
    • Streams & Parallel Streams
    • Date/Time API (JSR 310)
    • Nashorn JavaScript engine
    • Base64
    • Parallel Arrays
  • Java Tools
    • Nashorn engine: jjs
    • Class dependency analyzer: jdeps
    • Java Mission Control (jmc)
  • Java VM & Runtime enhancements
    • Tiny JVM for IoT
    • Metaspace – no more Perm Gen
    • Tiered compilation made default
  • JDK 9 – what is expected in Java upcoming new version?


  • Seminar ID: 44057
  • Location: JBT ECO-Tower
  • Date: Monday 26th of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href=''>Rony Keren</a>

Java Professional Leader at JBT. JEE & Java Expert, Java SUN certified architect. Rich experience in Java and JEE development and …