In the jungle of the software development world it’s quite easy to get lost when the need to create a cross platform application arise whether it’s an app for the web, mobile or even a desktop app.
We find ourselves many times struggling with new and unknown code languages and with it we are trying to figure out how the logic and structure should be in those specific environments.
In this seminar  you will be introduce to the “coolest kids in the block” in the world of javascript and we’ll create a web, mobile, and even a desktop app by using only javascript.
In the past few years javascript has become not only a code that enables functionality for the web but also a powerful language tool for developing cross platforms apps.


  • Knowledge and experience with Javascirpt and HTML.
  • Experience with any js framework will be an advantage



  • Core
    • Why Javascript is the future
    • Advanced Javascript
    • Let’s create our own js framework
  • Web
    • Hello Vue.js
    • Materialize Components for Vue.js
    • Vue.js vs React.js vs Angular
  • Mobile
    • Native vs Hybrid
    • Create native mobile applications with Nativescript and Angular
    • Nativescript Unit Testing
  • Desktop
    • Create desktop applications with Electron and Node.js
    • Electron Features & Techniques
    • Debugging Electron


  • Seminar ID: 44085
  • Location: Daniel Hotel
  • Date: Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href='http://devgeekweek.jbh.co.il/speaker/dotan-talitman/'>Dotan Talitman</a>

Dotan Talitman Lecturer and instructor of web and mobile development Owner of Netix, a software development company. Co founder and CTO at Screenee, …