The ability to manage and maintain data is the key to success in the Big Data era. All aspects of data handling become serious challenges as systems become more distributed while concurrencies and data usage increases rapidly.

This seminar discusses a variety of important issues regarding data in the Big Data world. The seminar relates to collecting and mining, processing, analyzing and manipulating data in various new data stores.


  • Data Management Challenges
  • Data formats
  • Different data stores – RDBMS, NoSQL, HDFS
  • Choosing the best tool for the right job
    • Data ingestion
    • Processing and access data (SQL, MR, Spark)
    • Performance
    • Cost
    • DR
  • Document, Graph and other NoSQLs
  • And more…


  • Seminar ID: 44009
  • Location: Daniel Hotel
  • Date: Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Main Speaker

<a href=''>Liat Sabag</a>

אני יועצת באגף הטכנולוגיות באורקל ישראל. את דרכי בתחום התחלתי בצבא, לאחר שסיימתי קורס תכנות בממר"מ המשכתי את שירותי ביחידה …

<a href=''>Ray Landsberg</a>

Senior Technology Specialist Specialties:Oracle DB technologies, Exadata, GoldenGate, Enterprise Manager, middleware solutions, ITIL