Development – Web & Integration APIs
Track Manager:
Rony Keren
Dev Engineering
Seminars in Dev Engineering generally focuses on advanced Java & .NET development. Java developers can get the latest offering in Java 9, Spring 5 seminars. .NET developers can enhance their skills with advanced C# development.
This section includes Python and embedded programming as well as practical Full-stack development with Java, C# & JavaScript

Web Development
This part is mostly about up-to-date technologies for creating Single Page Apps (SPAs) and using JavaScript based libraries on server-side. You’ll be able to have a closer look at leading Client MVC techs like React.js & Angular.js and find wide range of seminars relates to advanced, server-side and full-stack JavaScript programming.

These seminars mostly focused on HTTP based web integration and exposing business logic as web-service / Microservice. REST & RESTful seminars can be found, relating to practical implementation in various platforms and languages (like Java-Spring, .NET, JavaScript & Python) and the challenges raised when shifting to Microservices.

Track Program:

All Seminars17/06/1818/06/1819/06/1820/06/1821/06/18After event workshops

24/06 – 1st Workshops Day

25/06 – 2nd Workshops Day