IoT Communication and Networks

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When designing an IoT product it's so easy to focus on the one component in the IoT architecture that's within our comfort zone, and forget the rest. One example is of a HW-oriented CTO that designs the PCB and afterwards realizes their HW is too weak because of cloud IoT protocols and the required encryption. Therefore, the complex multi-disciplinary nature of the IoT solution makes architecting IoT solutions quite a challenging job. The subjects the architect needs to know include
  • Product domain engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Signal processing
  • Industrial design
  • Regulation
  • Internet product analysis
  • Web-scale software architecture
  • Mobile and web technologies
  • Cloud sw and devops technologies
  • IoT connectivity
  • Security
All these disciplines find their way to the implementation of the "golden triangle" of the device, the cloud, and the UX applications In this seminar we focus on the 2018 state-of-the-art possibilities for the 3 components of the "golden triangle" to communicate. Among the topics discussed.
  • End-to-end IoT solution architecture – dilemmas, solutions and IoT platforms per use case
  • The AWS ecosystem for IoT + deep dive into AWS IoT and Alexa
  • The Microsoft Azure ecosystem for IoT
  • Mobile Phone as a Gateway + BLE deep dive
  • Selecting the right RF protocol. Is it Zigbee, LoRa, SubGig, Bluetooth mesh, or others?
  • MQTT deep dive
  • Techniques for initial setup and pairing of IoT devices

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