Microservices and Devops: creating a change

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Daily seminar

Intro to the world of devops and microservices

  • What is a Devops
  • What is a service
  • Intro to the idea of microservice vs Monolithic design
  • Microservices and Devops
    • Deployability - How microservices helps in achieving increased agility and ability to roll out changes fast
    • Reliability - A fault with microservice design affect only that specific microservice
    • Availability - How do we release a new version
    • Scalability - Microservices vs monolithic design
    • Modifiability - Flexibility to modify each service separately
    • Management - How and why we need to better manage our services with a microservice design and what are the new complexities
  • 101 - Dockers
  Implementing Devops foundations to gain control of our microservices - 5 Blocks pyramid
  • IAC & CM - Infrastructure as a code and Configuration management
    • IAC Orchestration with Terraform
  • K8S as our central containerization orchestrator platform
    • 101
    • Design
    • Networking
    • State and Stateful
    • Ingress controllers
    • Discovery and registration with k8S and with Consul
    • On-Prem K8S with Rancher2
  • Deployment Automation
    • Design and flows
    • CI/CD With K8S
    • Deployment Strategies
      • Canary Deployment
      • Rolling Deploy
      • Blue / Green
    • Measuring our microservices KPI’s
    • Continuous monitoring - how do we achieve it in the world of Containerized microservices
    • Culture change of our organization to match the idea of Microservices and Devops

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