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Daily seminar

Advanced Jira: Enhancing development process management by optimizing Jira use

The advanced Jira day will overview on advanced needs organizations need to handle when working in Jira in order to support their different business needs:
  • Automating work to minimize developers involvement in Jira
  • Reporting and tracking progress – Team reports as well as reports to management on progress
  • Program management needs in order to get a high level picture on development of single products and complex solutions
  • Scaling Jira in complex environments -  working traditional Waterfall or managing multiple teams work by working SAFe
  1. E2E Atlassian tools overview: Confluence, JIRA, BB - best practices and automations – In this session we will review how would an End to End ALM Process would be implemented in Atlassian tools. We will focus on how work can be automated when using the full Atlassian Suite.
  2. JIRA Reports – How to produce JIRA reports for best monitoring & tracking of your Dev process – In this session I will demonstrate several ways of getting reports out of Jira – Wheter its using Out of the Box reports capabilities and examples of custom reports you can create using the EazyBI add-on
  3. Portfolio Add-ons - review leading add-ons to support product and project management – This session will focus on demonstrating the capabilities of leading Add-ons in portfolio management to better understand each add-on’s strengths and benefits. We will review: Portfolio for Jira by Atlassian, Strucure by ALM Works and BigPicture by Software Plant
  4. Program Management with JIRA - SAFe for Scrum and PPM for waterfall - Guest lecture by Sarit Cohen – This session will focus on how Jira can support organizations working in SAFe or Waterfall development processes.

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