About DevGeekWeek

Recent year is characterized by the strengthening of the latest trends which requires faster, better and adjusted development capabilities. In addition – it all must be done in more agile and dynamic Open-Source platforms and relate to the upcoming IoT which actually place code anywhere (our mobiles, cars, clothes, medical instruments, smart homes and smart cities…). The dynamic nature of the Software Development world and the shifting into Big-Data are the major contributors of this phenomenon mainly when it comes to Cyber and code security. There is no way of being secured without keeping your environments and platforms up to date. Development and code maintenance along with ability to integrate different parts, teams and tiers of a project led to Full Stack developers raising. The need in managing, maintaining and creating a fluent work-flow between different project teams leads to DevOps solutions. Clouds are also become more and more relevant as organizations consistently exports more and more of their infrastructures, platforms and services to the Cloud. In addition, the huge hype of Automation is at its peak. Companies are seeking for solutions to the extreme requirements which characterize the Hi-Tech industry in general, specifically focusing on Data and Internet. High performance along the ability to maintain and to track in complex system is vital and forces automation in almost any aspect – starting from infrastructure and ending up in decision making. This year, many of the seminars in DevGeekWeek discusses various technologies which are all meant for automation.

DevGeekWeek 2017 is a 5 days event designed for managers, software & enterprise architects, developers, operation managers, development group managers, QA & test engineers, and anyone involved in the development process.

The conference includes 2 more days dedicated to hands-on seminars workshops that allows participants to experience and feel the new technologies in equipped classrooms rather than theoretically talk about it.

The conference is a unique opportunity for face-to-face communication with experts and top guru speakers who present the latest trends in software development technologies and related fields.

The DevGeekWeek 2017 conference takes place at Daniel Hotel, Herzliya (18-22 June, 2017). The After Event Workshops will be held at JBT ECO Tower, Tel-Aviv (25-26 June, 2017).

 General Information:

  • Seminar duration is 8 hours long (full training day)
  • The seminars run from 09:00 to 16:30
  • Participants will receive the full courseware and training materials
  • The conference is a paid event.
  • The price includes breakfast (served at 08:00 AM), refreshments (during breaks) and a luxurious lunch
  • Speakers and sessions are subject to change (if it’s unavoidable)